Friday, September 5, 2014

Hardwork Pays......

Due to my interst in app creating, website designing and other IT related stuff, I decided to create a mobile application for our class. It could send messages, display thought for the week and the word for the week, the current news headlines, display a schedule of upcoming competitions, homeworks and other events, show a list of students and teachers, show educational videos, time table, online books, and tons of other useful stuff to students. When I went and showed my concept to my classmates and teachers, they were not so much concerned about it. I was a little depressed because after so much hardwork, is this the response, I get?

     Then one day, our competitions co-ordinator Mrs.Soudha Nasar told me that there is a science exhibition. We friends started discussing so much through skype and all, and still not topic. And suddenly, the IDEA popped up in my mind. Computer Science is a branch of science, so why don't I take the app for the exhibition? All my friends were a little confused at the start, but soon they were very enthusiastic. We all got prepared and finally the day came, when we had to show our INNOVATIVE LITTLE PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY to the Whole UAE...
      Our innovative idea was highly successful, and all the visitors, teachers and the main judges were very impressed.  But unfortunately I had to go for a quiz as part of the same program, so I missed the main Judging. And thanks to the kindness of my friends, they told to the judges that most of the credit goes to me, because I made the app.
     And finally it was the award ceremony, and they were announcing the results from third first pos.
Even though we got many positive reviews, we were still not so confident about its success, because it was a  relatively new concept. The third prize was not for us, so we were about to get up and go. The second prize was not for us, so we were about to open the auditorium door to go then suddenly, the words we wanted to hear came - "The Smart 7G Wizkids from Sunrise School take first prize!!!"

     We all were shocked, and we went and received the trophies...We all got a deserving McDonalds burger and went home happily...

     A real life story with some small twists, isn't it?

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