Friday, September 18, 2009

My favourite personalities - Fatima Obaid Al Jaber : A Role model for modern women

It was on the way back to Abu Dhabi after our vacation, I saw an article about Madam Fatima Obaid Al Jaber in the weekly abudhabiweek ( which my father picked up from the news stand in the air port. I'm well familiar of this name, my father used to speak about his COO (Chief Operating Officer) in many occasions and have seen news in the daily many times about her. She is definitely a role model of several enthusiastic women in the world and her success stories should be a learning subject for children. I would like to quote few things which made me a fan of her.

- She is Lady Graduate Engineer in Architectural Engineering

- She is the chief operating officer of the big Al Jaber group (

- She honours many awards and chairs many initiatives, especially for women and engineering society.

Madam Fatima says:

"I love to work with people" - not only says, my father told, she implements this in the company.

"I want to expand my knowledge and develop relationships” - A good quality which anyone can adopt.

“Competition is not a bad thing. In fact it makes you work harder"

"Education is the key for the sociological change"

"I am passionate about my work. I try to learn from mistakes and build on the negatives with more positives"

I don't have another reason to elect her as my favourite personality this time.


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