Saturday, February 15, 2014

The impact of technology on mankind.....

The word "gadget" was mentioned in the early 1970's in a dictionary. In those times, one of the most advanced technological advancements for the common man was the TV Remote, which is of little importance now, as we can control our TV Sets with mobile phones.

Technology is rapidly advancing by each day, month, year, and so on. In a few decades, what was a 1 pound(weight) mobile with big buttons is now fitted with a touch screen, the best of connectivity, the best of entertainment, and lots more.....

Nowadays, the most frequently discussed technological wonder is the flexible display(mobiles, TV'S).
The LG Company has made the worlds 2nd flexible phone,the LG GFlex and the 1st flexible TV,the OLED TV. Samsung has released the first flexible mobile, the Galaxy Round.

Wearable technology is taking many giant leaps. A Kerala-Based company has launched "Fin", a wearable smart ring that transforms your palm into a gesture-enabled screen. Google has released the Google Glass and the Google Contact Lens. The Google Glass is a wearable device which is kept as a glass has an informative display, with weather, time and other useful utilities and the Google Contact Lens which measures glucose levels, which can be of  great help for diabetic patients.

As you can see the rapidly increasing rate of technological developments, with a lot of pros, technology has made a great impact on mankind, transforming the way man lives.

But, the negative impacts too are great in number, especially for mobiles and computers.

As many of you know, mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves and harmful radiation. Although most of you know this harmful fact, many of you still increase the usage of  mobile phones. Although we cannot completely avoid the usage of mobile phone(obviously), we can reduce it to some extent.

Over usage of Computer and TV can lead to serious eyesight loss and brain damage. Although games can increase brain thinking capacity, too much can lead to brain damage.

So, what do you think? Technology a bane or a boon?