Monday, April 21, 2014

Sounds of nature. ...

Aah, I sure miss the times when I was back in india....the farms ,animals and lush green grass.....every once in a while, we go to India, for a very short time.....

Now the opportunity came flying to me , to visit a farm In the UAE!
The idea group , a group which aims to increase our knowledge practically and theoretically, had plannned an educational trip to almarai farms in al ain.

After a long wait (a two hour journey in the bus with a lot of route miscalculations) which practically made me sleep soundly, we reached the farm.
We did not need to look out of the window, as the special smell of the farms and cows made us instantly realize we are at the farm.

After we reached, the almarai team showed us a wide variety of their products, ranging from milk to croissants.  Then, we proceeded towards the farm. The cows were separated into sections( pregnant cows, 24 days, 25 days to a month and so on. There were gigantic cooling fans which sprayed fine mist on to the cows. There were also huge piles of hay, as feed for the cows. Eveything was explained beautifully by the almarai staff, and we listened carefully.

Then we went to the milk processing area. We saw how the cows were milked, very easily, due to the automatic milking system used there. There were also two tanks in which they stored water and milk.

After all this, we went back to the small on-site office. There, we got the chance to taste all the products of almarai, which satisfied our appetite. We saw a video In which they showed how almarai started and how it grew into such a successful business.

We bid bye to our animal friends and left, for an another 2hr journey back to abu dhabi. It was very nice of the idea group to create such trips. Anyways, I got a full experience of the life with the cows....

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