Friday, November 27, 2015

The UAE - 44 Years down the lane.....


Our major aims focus on raising the standard of living of our citizens and the development of our country. One’s homeland is like a tree which constantly requires the care and attention of its citizens. Every UAE citizen is committed to serve his nation and work toward its prosperity and welfare.” This was one of the many inspirational messages quoted by Sheikh Zayed.
To build up a great and developed nation from nothing but a barren desert is not an easy task.  This was the task taken up by Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid after they decided to unite both their emirates. After 5 more emirates decided to join the union, with a single aim of building up a strong and developed nation, it was evident that the UAE was going to become one of the best nations in the world.
The discovery of oil was a major point in the history of the UAE, which led to the start of fast paced development across all the emirates. High rise buildings, long and wide roads, and excellent living conditions were all established within a short period. But never did they know that the UAE was going to become a global hub. As the job opportunities increased, migration rates rocketed sky high and the UAE was filled with people of more than 200 nationalities, of which the major constituent is from India. This is the same reason that we are here. As the population increased over the years, the need for more development was persistent. Smart transport systems, like the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram and Water taxi were introduced.
Large industrial areas, like the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area was developed. Many different colleges and universities were started. So, the UAE began to gain international acceptance and importance.
The UAE wants to be the first in all aspects possible. The tallest building Burj Khalifa, the largest manmade island Palm Jumeirah and to be one of the few countries selected to host the Expo 2020 are only some of the major feats achieved by the UAE. But this doesn’t mean that the rich culture and heritage is avoided. Many campaigns, festivals and events are promoted and conducted to spread awareness of its culture and history to all the citizens, especially focusing on the new generation of young people like us, who live in a world of luxury. We need to be shown how this country was developed to what great heights it has achieved today.
Last but not the least, the UAE is a mix of diverse cultures, ranging from America to South Asia mixed in with the local Emiratis. Interacting with people from these many different backgrounds enables us to increase our social and interaction skills. When I came here, I was like an empty vessel, but the UAE filled me up with knowledge, confidence and dignity.
I feel really proud to be staying in such a diverse, developed and strong nation. Even though 44 years have passed since that great day on 2nd December 1971, the UAE is still young. The story of this country is just beginning, and many pages have yet to be filled. I can’t conclude without paying tribute to the soldiers who put heir life at risk for the nation. I wish that this nation reaches even more greater heights in the future.