Friday, November 4, 2016


From an unseen little seed, lonely and lost,
Tucked up deep inside, the dreamlike earth.
Appears a sprout, innocent and small,
Unraveling its leaves to the big wide world.

Facing the torrents, and heavy gusts,
The small sprout begins, to grow and flourish.
Into a colorful, and child-like sapling,
Vibrant, and full of life.

Maturing into a bigger self,
Stronger, intro a bigger plant.
Still young, unprotected from what-not,
Thoughtful, and quite unsure, of what the future beholds.

Finally, growing into its biggest form,
A huge tree, standing tall and bright.
Ready to face, the biggest of storms,
Always giving a shade to the deprived.

Bearing the last fruits of its cohort,
Its leaves turn yellow, and gently fall.
The once strong tree, strong and bright,
Turns into a crooked one, forgotten and lost.

Yes, it is life's reality - Aditya

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