Friday, December 20, 2013

India....Advancing in every step...

We've seen the great and inspiring launch of the mangalyaan from the Sri Harikota, Bengaluru. India advanced in the space program, and created it with the lowest cost, lower than the cost for constricting the golden gate bridge. So India's second step-the second indigenous military fighter plane-Tejes. It is said to be very lightweight,  which helps in flying fast, and can clock in at 900 to 1000 km/ph, breaking the supersonic barrier. Second, this helps in doing many stunts and other tricks for wars,  and for many air shows. It has been tested for carrying bombs,  laser weapons, and India can prove that it is also a powerful nation in terms of backup, weapons, and most importantly, education. So may India grow up, develop more and inspire others.

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